My Journey

I Love This Work

A licensed massage therapist, I earned my degree from CenterPoint Massage & Shiatsu School. I also hold a BS in Family Social Science from the U of MN.

​Blending Shiatsu with CranioSacral Therapy and Reflexology, I am able to provide a nurturing and effective treatment to people who seek relief from stress and pain.

I became fascinated with Chinese Medicine while working at Selby Acupuncture as the office manager. Here I experienced the benefits of acupuncture and herbs, and got to know many of the clients, hearing stories of how it was changing their quality of life. 

Years ago, I began studying Reiki, a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. From there I discovered Shiatsu, a blend of Traditional Chinese Medicine and bodywork. I continue to study. I take courses in CranioSacral therapy,  Anatomy Trains(fascial release), and I  am a Pilates instructor, NCPT.  I offer private instruction and teach classes at

I love this work, I bring relief, insight and support to each client I work with, I look forward to working with you!